This book will change your life

This book will change your life

I've been in a book-rut lately.

Several books I've purchased have turned out to be greatly disappointing, and as my blog readers know: I don't read bad books. More often than not, I found myself taking these boring books back to Half Price Books and getting new ones. Considering how long my 'want to read' list is, I simply don't have time for this! 

I came across Grit by Angela Duckworth online in a few places. It kept showing up on my pinterest feed of the latest books on personal development and success. Given that I just started a new job that literally is all about professional development, I figured I would give it a try.

Now I'm here to tell you that this book could change your life. I read it in under a week; I just couldn't put it down. Dr. Duckworth delves into the science of success and writes in a way that you just want to know more. Grit is filled with stories and advice from highly successful individuals, as well as stories from Dr. Duckworth's own career as an educator and psychologist. 

She teaches us all how we can be grittier, if we want to be. Success is attainable, and there's research to prove why some of it experience it and others don't. I absolutely loved every page of this book and I would recommend it to anyone who's interested in the fields of education, psychology, business, sports, management, human resources, get the point. This book is for anyone who's ever had a dream and wondered how they could ever achieve it.

until it happens to you.

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